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LotR Kingdom

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New design

Hello all,

I have just changed the website design. Please leave your comments here on if you like it or if I should change it. Thanks!

Also I have changed the smiles to a different set please leave you comments here about them to. Thanks!

Live Long and Prosper, (and may you find Christ),
Root Admin Adam

Views: 585 | Added by: Adam | Date: 2008-10-13 | Comments (0)

Hello all, (changed because people kept bugging me. OMGOSH PEOPLE)

I will try to update the polls every week or two. Also please note guests ARE ALLOWED to vote in the polls so please feel free to do so. Any imput you have is useful in making this site easier for you to use and easier for every one to use!

In other news,
The contact us section of the site is used for question or comments about the site. Also to report a member who you believe has been breaking the rules. Please do not send more than one report for a member every week. If it hasn't been dealt with after one week then please send another. Chances are I will reply to you with the reason it hasn't been dealt with if it hasn't.

And yet in other news,
I am working on adding a section to the site for fan fiction and such. Please send your entries via the contact us section with the subject being "LotR kingdom FF submission". I will try and add the ones that I like the best in to the ... Read more »
Views: 575 | Added by: Adam | Date: 2008-10-13 | Comments (0)

Welcome we are now open! The site is still under some work so it is ruff so please bear with us.

I will try to keep all the new here fore the most part. Feel free to make an account an post in the forums!

We used to be known as Middle Earth Kingdom we are now LOTR kingdom! Our back up site is still going to stay open I guess.
Views: 494 | Added by: Adam | Date: 2008-10-13 | Comments (0)