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Middle Earth Kingdom Fourm
http://middleearthkingdom.proboards.com/ [Archive]
That is the old site. Link is kept here incase you wish to visit it. It is also in use when this site is down.
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All non-LOTR chat goes here please.
5 18 Friday, 2008-10-24, 05:54:43
Posted by: Adam
Good bye and Hello forum!
If you are new drop bye and say hello you will receive warm welcomes!(Most likely) Or if you are leaving the site then come bye and say a word or two we will miss you! (maybe)
3 14 Saturday, 2008-10-18, 21:41:12
Thread: Oi
Posted by: Adam
Forum Games
Please keep all forum games here. Also post count is turned off... ( I don't want someone having 10,000 posts and 9,500 being in here...)
1 3 Tuesday, 2008-10-14, 06:13:50
Thread: Use a smiley!
Posted by: Adam
Graphics can be posted here. Please keep them small also request sigs and stuff here!
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Please keep all talks and debates over religion here!
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Suggestions and Problems
Please keep all your suggestions and problem reports of the site here. That way they can be accessed pretty easily by me and the other admins.
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The Books
The LotR books
This is for the talk of all LotR books. (also the hobbit)
1 10 Wednesday, 2008-10-22, 06:41:04
Thread: What is your favorite one?
Posted by: Adam
Non-LotR Books
Not all books on this site have to be LotR or the hobbit. This is the thread for the rest of them!
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The Movies
The Movies
This is for talk of all LotR movies and also the hobbit
1 4 Wednesday, 2008-10-15, 03:22:06
Thread: Which one do you like the be...
Posted by: Adam

The Video Games
LotR video games
This is for talk of all LotR video games. (also the hobbit)
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Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction
This is where all Fan Fiction for LotR should be kept.
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